I offer a range of energy healing sessions. I can either provide you with reiki, shamanic healing, feather stone energy healing, or I can combine these healing modalities in a holistic session for you. 

More information about the energy healing modalities that I can offer are below. 


Reiki as defined by the Oxford English dictionary is:

“A healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being”.

It is also widely accepted that Reiki healing can be given and received equally effectively hands-off or via distant healing.

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as universal life force energy.


Shamanism is an ancient healing modality where the practitioner works with spiritual guidance to help bring healing.

Shamanic work can bring balance and support movement and restoration of energy and life force in the body, and may involve sound healing with a drum, rattle, chimes and voice.

Shamanic work can be interactive, providing you with an opportunity to get involved in your own healing journey as part of the session if you are open to this. 

Feather Stone

Feather Stone energy healing is a modality that is very gentle and restorative, helping to bring balance and healing to you. 

The practioner works with a feather, for lightness, and stones, for grounding, in the session.  Sound may also be used, such as chimes or voice to help enable further healing.